Snowchains, For Your Shoes


So, you’ve spent a couple hundred dollars to get yourself a nice pair of winter boots. They’re made of space-grade materials, they’ve got soles with tread chunkier than Bigfoot, and they’re waterproof down to 1000m below sea level.

Then winter hits. Snow falls, things get icy and compacted. You step out in your boots, and next thing you know you’re flat on your ass because let’s face it… rubber + ice isn’t the best of couples.

YakTrax work like the chains you throw on your tires. Made of injection molded thermal plastic elastomer and rust-proof coils, YakTrax will wrap around your shoes making them 10x better than any spike based traction solutions in inclement conditions. Better yet, they’re designed for minimal impact while walking. Your ass will thank you.

Cost: $20