Julian Pie Company

Because Everything’s Better When You’re Having Some Pie


By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us, and this means time with loved ones but more importantly loads of food. Recently, on a weekend trip to the small mountain town of Julian, CA (east of North County San Diego), I had a burning bush moment. While walking down main street, I discovered the Julian Pie Company and their world famous Apple Mountain Berry Pie. Obviously anything labeled as “world famous” deserves a bit of scrutiny. One bite (or was it one pie?) later, I became a believer.

The Apple Mountain Berry Pie is perfectly crafted with a moist, yet flaky crust, a tangy and sweet filling, and a crumb top made of pure magic. However, it should be known that my description serves little justice to this incredible dessert.

The coming holidays are a perfect time to check out the Julian Pie Company;it’s the only time where gluttony is forgiven, nay encouraged. Bust out your eating pants and enjoy.

Cost: $15

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