Crime by Alix Lambert

Extraordinary Interviews Exposing the World of Crime – Real and Imagined


Admit it… you’ve thought about it: the allure and grandeur of a criminal lifestyle. It’s perfectly natural. Crime goes the extra mile picking the brains of bank robbers and killers, as well as the directors and actors who portray such personalities and events. Alix Lambert (Deadwood), has assembled an arsenal of essays in a beautiful, hardback book, consisting of thick parchment pages with painted red edges. Dreary black and white imagery depicts the hard boiled nature of reality and art in society.

Some of my favorite essays include interviews with director David Cronenberg and with actor Viggo Mortensen, who discuss projects such as Eastern Promises and Russian Crime. In another segment, Ben and Casey Affleck detail the research and storytelling that went into the movie Gone Baby Gone, and give their take on East Coast crime. Lambert also paints a very raw and intimate picture, as she interviews a bank robber who managed to temporarily evade police.

When the robber passes a simple note: “WE HAVE A BOMB, I HAVE A GUN. GIVE ME THE MONEY NOW”, you can’t help but be captivated.

This book is a fantastic read, with a wonderfully gritty collection of interviews and essays. Broken up into small sections, it makes for an easy read whether you’ve got three minutes or three hours. Crime should be a definite addition to every man’s library.

Cost: $27

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