Kinetic by Kurt – Rock and Roll


I’m all about finding a dual purpose for products. Granted, my desire for an iPhone with a built-in bottle opener hasn’t come to fruition, but I imagine someone is hard at work devising such a beast. Until then, I’ll settle for music.

Recently, I sold my Raleigh bike due to the fact that mountain bikes don’t really find a true calling here in Midtown New York, but had I known about or owned the Rock and Roll from Kinetic by Kurt, I would have foregone my gym membership instead.

The Rock and Roll allows you to mount your bike and simulate real-world outdoor conditions. Don’t be fooled, however; it’s not just two sticks and a stand. The Rock and Roll has a 6.25 lb flywheel (giving you realistic coast-down: 15 seconds from 20 mph), a calibrated resistance unit, and side-to-side sway to provide true cycling conditions. It’s over-engineered (something Gear Patrol men appreciate) and instantly makes bicycling year-round possible.

Now, if only I could tie this into my home’s power grid…

Cost: $549

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