GP3: Letting Her Know You Care

GP3 = Gear Patrol Three. A new series of articles we’re introducing today. It’s your dose of products, tips, stories, etc to keep yourself upgraded. GP style.


Most of what we at GP have learned about women has come through trial and error. Perhaps more of the latter, but we have learned a few things that can help you avoid missteps. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind… unless you love playing Relationship Roulette with your gal. [continued after the jump]

All compliments are not created equal: Don’t be fooled into thinking any old compliment will earn you brownie points. Stick to terms of endearment that make her feel like a woman and not like a little girl. Save terms like cute, pretty and adorable for pictures of puppies, your niece’s prom or your boss’s new baby. It’s time to face the fact that you’re with a real woman and she expects to be complimented accordingly. Next time you drop a compliment see what kind of reaction beautiful, gorgeous or sexy get you.

Random acts of kindness: You’d be amazed at how a small gesture can elicit a large response. After work, stop off for a card, flowers or a little chocolate. Do it spontaneously. Just because men don’t put as much worth in those things doesn’t mean she’s of the same sentiment. In fact, it’s the act itself that intrigues and impresses her. Just avoid making it predictable or she’ll come to expect it. Not good. If you’re the kind of guy that needs to be reminded to be spontaneous (you know who you are) then open Outlook, pick some random dates for the next year and set yourself reminders. And if she ever finds out, the act itself is something she’ll adore.

Let her show off: Women aren’t that different from men when it comes to gloating to their friends/coworkers. They’re humans so inevitably a touch narcissistic. If you really want to earn some credit, let her show off how great you are (and by this she really means HER relationship). Skip sending her stuff on the cliché dates (birthday, valentine’s day) and have a teddy bear or a bouquet sent to her office when she’s not expecting it. She’ll think about you every time she tells her coworkers who it’s from.

Editors Note: Look, here’s the low down. The above advice takes little on your part. The windfall of appreciation and adoration from your girl is worth a hundred times the effort. And if anything, women are apt to show their appreciation behind closed doors. You know what I mean.