Ten Bills $10 T-Shirt

Original Designs, Unique Style


You might think that with a name like Ten Bills, you’d find a place to buy value priced t-shirts. You’d be partially right. Ten Bills consider themselves much more:

Ten Bills is not just a team of t-shirt lovers. We’re music lovers and we’re art lovers. We love to love! We love those who express themselves and their creativity and will continue to help artists reach wider audiences. We believe that self-expression is the only form of expression. We feel that our emotions should govern our actions – not society. But it’s emotions that we need more of in society.

Each t-shirt acts as a canvas that provides its artist an opportunity to reach a wider audience with their original designs. And for our part, we get to share in that self expression by choosing which artists and designs to don.

Editor’s Note: If you like your shirts lose fitting, order up one size.

Cost $10

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