Alurunner Sled


What do you get when you mix a a classic Radio Flyer ski sled, some aluminum polycarbonate, German engineering, and what we imagine to be an idea born from beer?

You get stories that legends are made of. That and/or the Alurunner Sled. The Alurunner is an adrenaline-inducing vehicle that will bomb through snow faster than anything, anything you’ve ever encountered. The Alurunner is equipped with shock absorbers to make jumps less impactful, an “oh-shit-handle” to engage the claw brake, a transparent polycarbonate seat to better enhance the sheer velocity at which you’re traveling, and polyethylene gliding tracks.

The Alurunner will also fold down to six-inches and pack into its own carrier bag. Man’s ever-driving need for faster vehicles just made winter much more dangerous fun.

Cost: $629

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