VholdR Helmet Camera

Upgrade The Way You Record Mayhem

vholdr-camcorder.jpgMen, if you’re like me, you enjoy a good thrill. I prefer terrain/tree skiing (about which I cannot claim to be entirely skilled at), rapid trail biking, or shredding. Recording proof that you managed to stick that landing (or not) is the stuff that truly great YouTube videos are made of.

The primary problem with cameras and camcorders is bulk – something not conducive to your already precarious balance. Enter VholdR. VholdR is a helmet/handlebar mounted camera that self-levels up to 192 degrees via the aid of dual lasers, ensuring that your spill is seen from a level perspective, even if your face is having an intimate moment with the ground.

VholdR is made of black brushed aluminum, baked fiberglass, and rubber to withstand major impacts. Plus, its innards are treated with silicon insulation to help withstand mud, snow, rain, and bits of your face.

Cost: $330

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