Anthony Huang | New Contributing Editor

From Eric Yang: Gents, we’ve got a new Contributing Editor. Actually, he’s been around for some time now, secretly publishing articles and avoiding my persistent requests to finish up his biography so I could officially introduce him to you. Located in Memphis, TN, Anthony is ever-so-close to becoming the Gear Patrol Crew’s M.D. – in a few years he’ll finish up his residency. His passion for finding incredible deals on men’s gear is unparalleled, and I challenge any man to find a deal/steal he hasn’t already discovered.

Anthony finds golfing in flip-flops and stormy weather to be conducive to lowering his handicap.

Hello, gentlemen; this is Anthony, and this is my long-awaited bio post (according to the ever-pestering Eric, anyway).

Personally, I think Gear Patrol is making me poorer. Not the best idea in today’s economy but, what the hell – hopefully, Citi will fall after I purchase a few barrels of JD. As one of the very first readers, I’ve enjoyed watching the site grow from one new post every few days to several articles daily – finding more and more gear I could add to my ever-growing collection. So, I find it a great honor that I was selected to join The GP Crew.

Despite many failed attempts to get Eric to write my bio for me (so I could envelop myself in Call of Duty at his pad), he remained stalwart, and I was relegated to alternative measures: interviewing myself. So without further ado, I give you Anthony vs. Anthony – on the hot seat. [Continued after the jump]

Tell us a little about yourself.
My editors know me to be laid back, obsessed with finding deals on the finer things in life, and one who tends to over-research products. Why? To convince myself that I desperately need something, then not buy it. It’s a sordid affair.

That’s pretty rough. Anything else?
I’m also a fanatic when it comes to reading about random articles and an irate, foul-mouthed lunatic when it comes to playing video games (Ed: True). I’m perpetually on the move, calling New York, Chattanooga, and Memphis home.

What’s one embarrassing moment you’d like to share with our readers and forever be published on the internet for the whole world to see?
Gee, Anthony, when you put it that way… Oh wait… actually, looking back one of the funniest events (not for me at the time) had to be when I was learning how to ride a bike. Being the young and ever-confident 5 year old trying to keep up with an older bro, I decided to try and show off by riding my bike down the hill – sans training wheels.

So what happened?
I think this YouTube clip might be the closest dramatization of the actual events:

Why that moment?
Because, well… you fall down and you keep going and that’s what guys do. The old adage applies here: if you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t be laughing at all.

What’s your biggest vice?
An outrageously good deal (think: Oh, and Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Oak Reserve.

Is there anything embarrassing you can tell us about Eric Yang?
Eric is supafly smooth (Ed: I’d debate “supafly”). I’m still waiting for him to trip up; we all are, actually. Such events are rarer than spotting Nessie. If we ever go on that golf trip next year, then maybe I (we) can catch one of those rare moments on camera.