Chances are, there’s a pull up bar somewhere in your home that doesn’t really do much more than provide a place to hang your clothes or do a few basic pullups.

perfect-pullup-machine.jpgHence the need to for the Perfect Pullup. This writer’s had a few months now with the Perfect Pullup and can attest to its utility. Besides being able to perform your standard pull up with their patented rotating handles (see: The Perfect Pushup), the biggest benefit of this system is that the bar swings down, allowing you to perform Standing Rows and, more importantly, the Australian pull up (more commonly known as the inverted row).

These are exercises that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do at home without another piece of equipment or some major Macgyver-ing. The inverted row is easily one of the single best exercises for strengthening your upper back and rear shoulders. Better yet, it can easily be modified based on your current fitness level.

Editor’s Note: Combine this with a bench, swiss ball, and a set of dumbells to complete your home gym, sans all the bulk.

Cost: $79 | $99 w/Ab Straps