Clarks Original Desert Boot

clarks-original-desert-boot.jpgWith winter officially here (for us Floridians), I figured it was time to buy a pair of boots. Most magazines will have men buy shoes/clothing an entire season in advance, but I prefer the just-in-time approach. So, in lieu of sporting Timbos this year, I decided to go with another classic.

The Clarks Desert Boot was inspired by the crepe-soled boots British officers wore in World War II. They’ve endured the past 5 decades virtually unchanged, still sporting features like soft supple suede, full-grain leather uppers, and a genuine plantation crepe outsole. The Desert Boot is built and designed to deliver all day comfort, and it does.

Clarks is known for building quality boots that last, and unlike those acid washed jeans you rocked way back, their style is here to stay. If they’re anything like my Wallabees, they will only get better with time.

Cost: $89