Gear Patrol Talks Shoes with Brett Fahlgren

GQ Magazine’s Style Correspondent and Guest Editor at Piperlime


Gear Patrol recently sat down with Guest Editor for Piperlime, Brett Fahlgren (about Brett) to talk men’s footwear. Finding the right shoes that offer comfort, style, and verticality is key – and, frankly, not that easy. That’s where Brett comes in.

Gear Patrol: What should men look for in a shoe that we want to go from the office to a night out on the town?

Brett: Versatility is very important – shoes that look great with both your office look and your evening look.

A black Chelsea boot is always a good option. It’s sleek and formal enough for the office but also has a hip factor so you won’t get held up by the doorman. Think about the rest of your look, ways to make your life easier. If you’re wearing a suit to the office, bring along a pair of jeans and a zip front cardigan sweater and make a quick change before going out. You should buy suits with jackets that can double as sports jackets – they should be more fitted and not as baggy. Layer the cardigan under your jacket, switch out the trousers for your jeans and finish off the look with a great pair of black Chelsea boots.

Timberland-Onuma-Chelsea.jpgGP: It’s winter here in the Big Apple, how do shoe options change as the weather gets worse? What kind of shoes can we wear to get to work that still look good once we’re there?

Brett: As the weather changes it’s important to make sure you keep your feet warm and protected from the inclement weather. Softer, lightweight leather shoes like loafers should be put in the back of your closet until the spring. If you’re going to go with black lace up dress shoes, make sure the soles are comfortable and substantial: rubber with a good tread vs. harder leather that can be impractical when navigating wet, icy streets. I have a pair of chocolate brown lace up suede boots that are my favorite cold weather option. They look great with gray and navy suits and pair up especially well with jeans. Hook yourself up with a slightly thicker dress sock as well; you’ll be amazed at the difference.


GP: We all love jeans. What’s your favorite kind of shoe to pair with them?

steve-madden-white-sneaker.jpgBrett: I like to wear classic white sneakers year round with my jeans. They’re comfortable, minimal and have an old-school charm. Shoes help pull together your entire look and white classics go with just about anything. When wearing a darker and dressier jean, simple black lace up dress shoes or Chelsea boots add a more formal appeal.

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