Brandy Glass and Warmer Set

Snobbery At Its Finest

Brandy-Glass-and-Warmer-Set.jpgThe next time you and your railroad baron pals decide to hold a cartel meeting, make sure these are part of your barware collection. Each snifter and accompanying stand is designed with a singular purpose: to make sure that every glass served is warmed to perfection.

Granted, some would argue that a snifter clutched in hand should provide proper warmth for your potable, but since nothing unlocks the character of barrel aged brandy like a little heat, don’t trust your circulatory system alone to get the job done. Especially with the current weather.

Not to mention we all know that your spare hand is better served resting atop a mahogany pimp cane.

[As seen on core77]

Cost: $25

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