Ski Conditions? I Got Your Ski Conditions. 7 Days Worth Of 'Em.

Bushnell Ski FX 7 Day Weather Forecaster


With global warming eroding the once consistent weather forecasts of Old Man Winter, how’s a man to know what to expect on the slopes? Choose the wrong day and the most action you’ll get a forlorn cup of hot cocoa in the lodge. Enter the Ski FX from Bushnell.

With wireless delivery of your 7-day forecast, the Bushnell Ski FX goes a step further giving your favorite slopes’ low down. Besides mountain conditions (current base depth, new accumulation, and surface conditions), the Ski FX also provides slope information (current number of open trails and lifts).

The Ski FX is light-weight, battery powered, and doesn’t require a computer to upload any information. It’s completely self-contained. All you have to do is toss it in your pack for your next ski trip. Simply change the regional setting, and all the mountains in that area populate automatically. Damn, I’m getting excited for ski this weekend just writing about this.

Happy trails.

Cost: $100

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