Colonel Littleton No. 1870 Strong Box

Like A Batcave for Your Gear

I was a book nerd growing up, and most of my reads were about adventure. Louis L’Amour, Jack Higgins, and the Redwall Series, not to mention comic books. As a result, the No. 1870 Strong Box from Colonel Littleton taps directly into my dorky childhood fantasies of the wild west, tales of buried treasure, and secret rooms… you get the picture.

Looking like an heirloom you might find in your grandfather’s attic, the No. 1870 Strong Box will have you channeling your inner Clint Eastwood in no time (badass Outlaw Josey Wales Clint, not senior citizen director Clint). Based on the Wells Fargo Strong Box used in the stagecoach days of the Old West, it’s constructed by hand in Lynneville, TN out of yellow poplar. The Strong Box features iron bands and corners for strength, along with a replica 1870s pad lock.

Appropriately, the crowning achievement of this treasure is a secret chamber under a false bottom that’s accessible only with a special tool. Maybe it’s time to get your valuables out from under your ratty boxers and into this treasure chest befitting a grown man. The only questions are what do you own that deserves to be kept in a secret compartment, and does Mom still have your old cowboy cap-gun hanging around?

Editors Note: This is hardly the only great product from Colonel Littleton — I could easily blow a few paychecks there. So be sure to check out the rest of their products on their website. Also, any suggestions on how to justify my need for one of these to my wife would be welcome.

Cost: $850

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