Dan Finkelstein | New Gear Patrol Contributor

From Patrick Tuttle: As you can see from his photo, Dan Finkelstein needs no credit from me to be considered man enough for Gear Patrol. Dan contributes for GP out of Long Beach, CA and, as you will soon read below, has a taste for many of life’s more primal simpler pleasures. An outdoors type, Dan still finds time to entertain friends with his latest culinary masterpieces and hopefully soon share a few with us. Even if some of us prefer purchasing it at the market versus shooting it ourselves.


I feel that I’m a throwback to an earlier generation; a generation where men appreciated the finer things in life. I shoot guns, camp, hike, and I smoke fine tobacco (from a pipe). I have a certain fondness for the taste of a quality import beer and nothing is more satisfying than sharing a drink amongst friends around a campfire.

Quite often, I find myself behind the lens of a camera attempting to capture those perfect moments in life. I have a nice Canon SLR that I’ve had a lot of fun with, but I find much more enjoyment tinkering with film cameras like the Holga, Lomo, or Diana.

I have a tremendous affinity towards firearms, and many of my hobbies and toys parallel that closely. I’ve built a few rifles in my spare time, and I treat my Colt 1911s (WWII vintage) with love and affection.

I love cooking everything from chicken casseroles to venison and wild boar, hunted by my father. I’m always searching for a new challenge in the kitchen and preparing a large meal for guests brings joy to my life.

I’m constantly looking for the next big adventure in life and writing for Gear Patrol is no exception.