Kuru Halcyon

Performance Outdoor Footwear


When it comes to shoes, I’m a minimalist. Trail runners, dress shoes, and sneakers – what more does a guy need? Well, often there comes a need for a shoe that maintains the style and class of a dress shoe, yet provides the comfort and functionality of a sneaker. Kuru bridges the gap perfectly with the Halcyon.

kuru-halcyon-midsole.jpgThe first thing you’ll notice is the fit; it has support in all the right places. Cleverly camouflaged, the stitched racing stripe along the middle also provides that extra bit of reinforcement. Halcyon combines a tough exterior with a water and stain resistant soft-shelled upper and a cool, comfortable, moisture controlled antibacterial lining.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time wearing the Halcyons around town, as well as a bit on light trails. Kuru has designed a fantastic product that has more than exceeded my expectations for both style and functionality. This hybrid shoe looks great with jeans and a t-shirt, or it can hold its own with a pair of chinos, a button down, and nice coat.

These shoes are a great value for the price and should be a definite addition to your wardrobe.

Cost $115

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