Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck Kit

Fresh. Clean. Simple.


By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng

There are plenty of products that I want to evolve and grow in complexity. Cars and electronics are definitely on the top of my list. I demand that those items provide me plenty of facets to tinker with. However, with today’s trends, everything seems to be getting more and more complicated.

Sadly, this seems to hold even for items that should remain basic – one category of which is men’s grooming products. San Francisco based company Every Man Jack, is on a mission to simplify our lives by delivering a straightforward grooming experience. They know that taking care of your skin and hair shouldn’t require dozen of steps involving complex and expensive products.

Whether you need lotion for your dry skin or a reliable facial cleaner, Every Man Jack has a self-explanatory product line that delivers exactly what it promises on the label. The best thing about each of their products is the clean and crisp scent that will leave you smelling like the great outdoors.

Editor’s Note: As if this wasn’t simple enough, the Beginner’s Luck Kit includes everything you need to stay so fresh and so clean. Sometimes, simple is just plain better.

Cost: $25

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