JAQK Cellars High Roller

A Cabernet Sauvignon Made With Passion… And Luck

sara-remington-jaqk-cellars.jpgGood Cabernets have typically been the domain of French wine producers, but for JAQK, a Napa Valley/Sonoma Coast based winemaker, that’s part of what makes the High Roller (their flagship wine) so special. Not to mention its gorgeous bottle with poker chip inlay.

High Roller is made from 100% Napa Valley grapes (51% benchland / 49% hillside) refined with egg whites and aged in French oak casks. After sampling a few bottles ourselves, we found the taste to be smooth at first, with a refreshing finish and balanced aftertaste. Appropriately – just as JAQK proclaimed it would be.

See photos of the final steps in JAQK’s cork-to-casking process.

Editor’s Note: I paired High Roller with a pasta topped with tomato sauce and portabello mushrooms, but it also goes well with prime rib or lamb chops.

Cost: $70 – $750

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