Eagle Eye

High Definition Adrenaline Fix

Eagle-Eye-On-Bluray.jpegDo the current movies vying for Oscar noteriety have you a bit burned out? Well, nothing cures a bad case of award film-itis better than an action flick of enormous scope.

Eagle Eye is a riveting, unrelenting techno-thriller that packs all the excitement you’d expect from executive producer Stephen Spielberg. Though its plot might be far fetched (or is it?), Eagle Eye raises some excellent questions about the current role of technology in our society. What good is any big budget blockbuster without a little suspension of disbelief, anyway?

Video and audiophiles alike will also be pleased to know that, while this Blu-ray’s video and TrueHD soundtrack aren’t the pinnacle of high definition content, they are still superb and definitely merit use for future surround sound and TV testing.

Billy Bob Thorton’s supporting role as lead investigator for an FBI terrorism unit is also not to be missed. Just try to avoid imagining him from Bad Santa.

Cost: Blu-ray ($23) | Two Disc Special Edition DVD ($23)

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