Bumpy Pitch


If you’re the type of guy that believes a t-shirt is relegated to serving soley as an undershirt, then I would ask you to open your mind to another dimension in your wardrobe.

You may not know this, but thanks to masses of WWII photos featuring soldiers donning their “undershirts” and military pants that circulated in the early 40’s, the t-shirt/pant combo became socially acceptable. Of course, one need not know that in the past few years they have evolved into something of a couture item, especially here in Los Angeles.

For those naysayers who believe that all t-shirts are created equal, I assure you there is a great chasm in quality between that cannon flug t-shirt at sporting events and the well-fitted, cloud wrapping, skin-kissing shirts from Bumpy Pitch. Who better to trust in designing a shirt than a couple of Southern California soccer (futbol) dudes, a graphic designer, and an actor?

This combination of talent and style is what leads to great fabric, graphics (vintage soccer logos from the teams of yore), and fit (snug on the body, perfect sleeve and torso length). At first, I was a bit hesitant with the 50/50 blend, but after a few wears, I’ve found myself offering Bumpy Pitch fashions my hard-won loyalty. I wear a size 40L jacket and tested some mediums that fit snug where you want snug (arms, chest) and cut straight through the sides. Just right.

bumpy-pitch-san-francisco-gales.jpgWearing a different design everyday for a week netted me a number of compliments. I even paired one with dark jeans and a vest for a recent Christmas party (again, this is LA) where fellow Angelenos commented on how comfortable and flattering it looked and asked where to procure a shirt like mine. The true test, however, came at a Ralph’s grocery store on Sunset Blvd when the bagger halted his duties to lend approving remarks. Honestly, that’s all one can ever hope for.

Editor’s Note: Word of advice from my run with the Bumpy Pitch shirt – do not lend one to your girlfriend (or girl friend) and expect to get it back. Though with the way it looks on her (damn fine)… you might not ever want it back.

Cost: $36

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