Iriver P7 PVP

(CES 2009) Run For Your Money iPod


Not all companies in the portable media game can afford to drown the known advertising universe with crazy-haired silhouettes grooving across fluorescent dance floors. Thankfully, for a company like iriver, the lack of promotional clout hasn’t dissuaded them from continuous innovation.

Instead, iriver’s CES announcement of the P7 PVP is a bold-stepping approach to the challenge line streaked out by Apple with their iPod touch. At first glance, the P7 PVP’s magazinesque take on a touch screen interface immediately captures our eye. Perhaps that’s just because we credit iriver’s seamless mastery of nearly any portable media format as a given at this point. A built-in radio tuner and up to 16 gigs of built in memory (expandable through a micro SD slot) are nice bonuses. Especially when it’s all looking so fine with its damn self.

We’ll have to wait until the P7’s 2009 Q2 release, though, to verify if its drool-inducing looks are backed up by solid performance. Pricing is also currently unavailable so we’ll get back to you with more later. [As Seen on CNET]

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