NewCastle Fire Bowl Column

Further Argument For A Patio

NewCastle-Fire-Bowl-Column.jpgNothing really warms up a man’s home more than a roaring fire. Unfortunately, not every living room is equipped with a fireplace or hearth. Note: A hearth can be summed up as a fireplace so large you could walk inside it.

Open fireplaces are a great addition to any man’s home, and though fellow Gear Patroller Jason Heaton would prefer you chop wood with your own splitting axe (don’t forget to grimace and growl whilst chopping), not all of us have access to Minnesota timber, especially here in major metropolitan areas.

Remedy that with a propane powered fire like the NewCastle Fire Bowl Column. It’s perfect for your backyard, garden, patio, or pool. Your guests will love it for the 30,000 BTU’s of heat and smokeless operation. You’ll love it for the push-button ignition and immediate credit with female company.

Cost: $319

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