Burton Wheelie Flight Deck

Burton-Wheelie-Flight-Deck.jpgWhether you’re taking off to see family, to hit the slopes, or packing up for a wild weekend in Vegas, the Burton Wheelie Flight Deck is a great luggage choice for any mini-getaway – especially for those of you who feel constricted by a weekend bag.

Having purchased this guy’s big brother (Burton Wheelie Double Deck, $167) a while back, I knew that I would be getting a sturdy-ass, dependable piece of luggage; not to mention, one that doesn’t look like it belongs on NASA’s loading dock.

If you’re packing consists of folding a few things, then shoving everything else into your bag like I do (much to GP editor Eric’s chagrin), then the volume enhancing “CRAM zones” are a godsend. With its skate wheel assembly and ballistic fabrication, the Flight Deck is definitely one tough mofo. The various prints available ensure that your bag will stand out amongst the sheep at baggage claim, and it even meets airline carry-on size restrictions. The Burton Wheelie Flight Deck also features plenty of easy to access pockets for those moments when you feel like whipping out your iPod, laptop, juicer, or fat sandwich because they’re not serving an in-flight meal (bastards).

Cost: $125