Proper Cloth Men’s Custom Tailored Dress Shirts


Gear Patrol preaches the advantages of buying custom fitted clothing. Nothing, let me repeat that – nothing, makes you look better then clothing tailored specifically to your body.

I have been searching for a great fitting men’s dress shirt and I consistently run into the same problems. Like Goldie Locks (or Ben), the fit is either too small or too large and this stems from off-the-rack shirts. Utter frustration. Diving to the net I discovered Proper Cloth, and suddenly I found myself in a shirt expertly tailored to every nuance of my frame.

barrelcuff-detail-propercloth.jpgThe fun doesn’t end there though – you can add on extra style touches to make it truly unique. Don’t like pockets? Take ’em off. Prefer barrel or French cuffs? No problem. Add on cuff and collar accents and Proper Cloth will sew in fabric of your choice for that added visual effect. Oh, and of course, you can have it monogrammed. Men with custom shirt fanaticism will rejoice.

One feature especially appreciated was the fitting system (done entirely online), which offers three options. Buy standard sizes, input custom measurements, or tell Proper Cloth a clothing brand you love (i.e. H&M, Gap, J. Crew) and they’ll make your shirt just like that (genius).

On a personal note, I wore my Proper Cloth shirt on an interview recently and couldn’t help but feel more confident in the shirt. There’s something about tailoring… In today’s world confidence has never been more important. If you look great, you’ll feel great and others will pick up on that.

Cost: $90 – $140

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We’ve updated with a photo of the Proper Cloth Men’s Custom Tailored shirt on the author.