Gold Toe English Ribbed Lisle Socks

Gold-Toe-English-Ribbed-Lisle.jpgI hate buying socks. You see, my feet are on the lower end of the average dress sock’s ridiculous “one size fits all” option. Who’s bright idea was it to offer one sock to fit feet ranging from size 6 to 12? You’d never buy a pair of shoes that way. Plus, it’s never a good idea to have your sock’s heel climbing up onto your calf. It’s not comfortable and looks sloppy.

Gold Toe, a long time purveyor of fine men’s socks, has wised up and now offers a fitted option. If you’re a size 9 1/2 shoe, then you buy a 9 1/2 sock. Crazy, right? Constructed with Mercerized Cotton and a non-elastic top, the English Ribbed Lisle is supremely comfortable. Why? Because it’s a great sock and it’s actually my size. The Gold Toe English Ribbed Lisles are available in: Black, White, Navy, and Brown.

Fitted dress socks, what a novel idea.

Cost: $8

Editor’s Note: Long time reader Gear Patrol reader Troy H. challenged us to find him a pair of socks better than the Tommy Hilfiger socks we wrote about around a year and a half ago. Though they were great for our editor Eric, evidently they were not so much for Troy. Thus, we’re back today with a suggestion from Patrick. Troy, here’s hoping these are better than the ones you couldn’t return to Macy’s. Damn their return policy.