Spiral Cellar

Spiral-Cellar.jpgI know people who love wine. I’m one of them. As a matter of fact, I’m apt to throw caution aside in the surroundings of a wine or spirits shop. Of course, money being of issue, I tend to keep my eyes set on wines less than $20, but there’s still a problem.

The issue with mass wine procurement is the resulting mass storage needs. Like my DVD habits in college, my shelves overfloweth with vino. Though they have yet to exceed the capacity of my Storvino rack system, I suspect a looming storage revolution.

Time to turn to the internet for a solution…


What you’re looking at is the Spiral Cellar. An extraordinary installation discovered by the folks at The Kitchn by Apartment Therapy.

Not that a man needs any more reason to build a trapdoor in his home, but the Spiral Cellar is a prime example of want versus need. Like all good things wine, the Spiral Cellar was conceived by a Frenchman a few decades ago to store mass quantities of wine. Mass quantities. Dug into the floor (or into your downstairs neighbor), the Spiral Cellar can maintain a consistent temperature using earth and concrete as insulation for approximately 1000-1600 bottles. Or, roughly 20x my current storage needs. Yes, I calculated.

Costs are prohibitive to even the most avid wine enthusiast ($30,000), but the Spiral Cellar may still be less than traditional cellar installations. Though its highly unlikely the average man will install this in their home, there’s no harm in dreaming of the ultimate wine-storing conversation piece.

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