One Season


Tired of beating your buddies in your annual Fantasy Football league or looking for the excitement of March Madness twelve months a year? Check out One Season.

Why? Because, LeBron is probably a better bet than your 401k right now. combines two of my favorite things: fantasy sports and free markets. It’s an online trading platform that allows you to buy and sell shares of your favorite professional athletes. Performance of a player shares is determined by the One Season marketplace which is made up of thousands (and counting) of sports fanatics just like yourself. In addition, One Season also provides plenty of data to help you analyze specific player stocks and market trends.

While fantasy sports stock exchanges aren’t new, what sets One Season apart is that it’s your hard-earned cash at stake. This is your chance to prove to the world just how big of a sports fan you really are.

Watch videos about how One Season works.

Cost: $10 Minimum