Geoffrey Parker Bespoke Games

geoffrey-parker-game-cube.jpgIn the gilded age of video games, the notion of playing boardgames doesn’t mean a man has to forgo style. At least, not one the tournament-worthy board games brought to you by Bespoke UK game crafter Geoffrey Parker.

One of the finest makers of backgammon, poker, Scrabble, and several other board games, Geoffrey Parker offers a variety of colors and configurations for the most discerning man or game player.

Due to their presence at the World Championship for Backgammon in Monaco, Geoffrey Parker Games is best known for backgammon. You can go with an “Off-the-Bench” version or opt for the Bespoke route (picture after the jump), which allows you to customize using a palette of rich colors. Gear Patrol’s choice? Well, tangerine and ebony, of course…

geoffrey-parker-bespoke-poker-chips.jpgBeyond backgammon, Geoffrey Parker offers bridge, poker, roulette, compendia, chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Risk, and even a Rubik’s Cube. They also offer a variety of children’s games, along with several garden games (you might recall the much-filmed human size chess board in the courtyard of the Delano Resort in South Beach) and you can even order a custom coffee table that turns into any board game.

This all comes at a time of a weakening British Pound, so British craftsmanship is actually within arm’s reach.

Cost: $900+