10 Best 2009 Super Bowl Commercials

super_bowl_xliii_best-commercials2009’s Super Bowl XLIII has come and gone. The Steelers’s last minute win over the Cardinals will undoubtedly remain a fond/unfond memory, but it’s the commercials, the bloody commercials, that will permeate water cooler conversation for months to come.

Some men will argue there were better (if so, leave a comment). Some men will argue there were funnier (again, leave a comment). It’s all up for debate. All we know is that these were Gear Patrol’s favorite $100,000 per second commercials of 2009.

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Audi “The Chase” Commercial

Why Is It So Good? Car chases, Jason Statham, and a German car company making fun of the Lexus ES300 – a car, which honestly, is worth being made fun of. This commercial might also be referred to as “Audi hates on Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW.”

Doritos Crystal Ball Commercial

Why Is It So Good? Throwing things at coworkers (crotches). Breaking into snack machines. All men have thought about it, it’s time to watch it.

Bridgestone Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Commercial

Why Is It So Good? Why Mr. Potato head? Why not Mr. Potato head? This commercial will resound with men. Especially those with a penchant for speed (and/or experience being nagged).

CareerBuilder.com Tip Commercials

Why Is It So Good? Cubicle life isn’t exactly ideal, and what man can’t relate to a job they’ve hated? CareerBuilder.com knows that and they’ve stated the obvious. At least they’ve done so in a pretty damn hilarious commercial.

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