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DVD Triple Play Giveaway

dvd-giveaway-1When the folks at HISTORY and A&E asked us to share with you some of their latest DVD releases, we were keen to oblige. In true Gear Patrol fashion, we figured that our readers would be best served if we took their request literally. It is in that spirit that we bring you just the latest entry in the GP Giveaway saga. After all, every man likes free stuff. And martial arts action. And dino-battles. And wack magic acts from a guy with equally wack hair.

The rules for this one are simple. Leave a comment letting us know which of the following seasons you’d like, and for three loyal Gear Patrol readers, your DVD requests will come true. One entry per person, per day. Oh, and each entry is only good for the selection listed therein. The contest will close on Friday, February 13th. Just in time to for Valentine’s Day. That means you can throw in for Human Weapon eight times or you can spread your picks around. The crafty among you might even pay attention to the other entries and then use a little statistical strategery to increase your chances of winning. Hours of manutainement await!

Human Weapon: The Complete Season One

hw1Why didn’t someone think of this sooner. Two fearless combatants, Jason Chambers (a seasoned MMA Fighter) and Bill Duff (NFL and TN Football Alum), crisscross the globe seeking the origins and techniques of various martial arts and fighting styles.

Along the way they engage in a multitude of styles from Karate to Krav Maga, streetfighting to stickfighting. Each episode finds them learning and practicing both the mental and physical rigors demanded by the subject at hand. After a week or so of intense training, each episode culminates with either Duff or Chambers challenging a Master of the given style – a true Human Weapon. Despite their obvious brawn and athleticism, our heroes seem be on the receiving end of the majority of the beat-downs.

Lest you think that Human Weapon is a brainless brawler, the hosts do a great job of exploring the cultural heritage that underlies each style of fighting.  This 4-disc set obviously includes all the material aired from Season One, plus plenty of bonus footage and features. We caution you not to attmept anything you see here on your own, at least not without stretching first.

Cost: $25 @ History

Jurassic Fight Club: The Complete Season One


Don’t be fooled by the likes of Ross Geller, paleontology is a serious business. One part scientist, one part historian (and repudiated wearers of large brimmed hats), these scholarly types piece together the time line and taxonomy of the prehistoric world one bone fragment at a time. As important as their contributions to human understanding and to worldwide museum collections have been, it all pales compared to the ultimate application of their hard won knowledge: Jurassic Fight Club.

Using the latest in CGI technology combined with evolved dino-theories, Season One of this HISTORY series puts you in the ring with “the ultimate fighters of this unique period.” Here you’ll find 12 episodes of blow by blow coverage of beastly battles for survival. Once again, HISTORY proves that the real thing (though speculative and simulated) is better than fiction. Michael Crichton, eat your heart out.

Cost: $30 @ HISTORY

Criss Angel Mindfreak: The Complete Season Four

mf1In this case, the title pretty much sums it up. Criss Angel brings some mind-blowing performances and stunts that are equally as freakish as the spelling of his name. The 3-disc, Season 4 collection spans 18 episodes and includes highlights such as a live broadcast of his escape from a building seconds before it implodes, walking across Nevada’s Lake Mead, being cremated alive, walking through steel, and other assorted deadly challenges.

There is no doubt that Angel has pioneered a new and exciting brand of magic and mysticism. Bear in mind that what you’ll see here goes far beyond the parlor trick performed by clown-show hacks at your kid’s birthday party. These are full-blown, big boy illusions. After all, Gob said it best when he opined, “A trick is something a whore does for money… or candy!” Angel’s showmanship and penchant for the dramatic prove that he’s unlike any other entertainer… even if he sports some questionable hair. Again, don’t try this (his stunts or hair) at home.

Cost: $35 @ A&E

Update – The giveaway has ended. Pop over to the update to see who won this loot. If you didn’t win, never fear, there will be another GP Giveaway right around the corner.