An Affordable Premium Golf Glove

Taylormade Targa Tour Glove

taylormade-targa-gloveI play golf in the northeast where summer months bring lots of humidity. The last thing that you want to experience is feeling the club slip when you swing. A lot of gloves on the market today simply don’t offer a solution for sweaty hands. The Targa Tour Glove from Taylormade Golf is my salvation. Crafted from AAA Cabretta leather, the Targa Tour combines antibacterial performance fabric to enhance fit while increasing heat and moisture dissipation. There’s also has a moisture-wicking wristband. Even if you play in drier climates I strongly recommend checking out the Targa Tour.

Editors Note: Replace your glove regularly. When they start to show wear in the palm it’s time for a new glove. Don’t wait until you actually rip though the leather before heading to the store or pro shop. At $15, this is one of the more affordable bits of golf gear you’ll buy this year.

Cost: $15