Mobile. Email. That is all.


peek1I am a creature of habit, to be sure. Of late, you might have noticed me lauding various products that do just what they are designed to do (well). Blame it on my stage in life or even on the floundering economy, but simplicity and functionality have become highly respectable traits to me. The latest product that I’ve discovered to fit this description perfectly is the Peek. Slim and sturdy, the Peek device gives you mobile access to read and reply to your email. That’s it. Really.

peekIf you are a hardcore Blackberry, iPhone, or (Insert Alternative Smartphone Here) user, you’ve probably already tuned this out. That’s OK, because the Peek is happy to show some mobile email love to the rest of us. Physically, the Peek is well constructed. Offered in a choice of three colors, its bright, clear screen is easily readable in broad daylight. The Peek features a standard QWERTY keyboard with direct access to the number keys as well as an intuitive layout of other commonly used keys. Even better, the buttons themselves are raised and give great tactile feedback along with a satisfying “click” when depressed. I’d go so far as to say that the Peek sports one of the best mobile keyboards that I’ve seen.

What makes the Peek truly unique is it’s accessibility. On price – it’s cheap. The device itself is sinfully inexpensive by relative standards (see Amazon’s 2 for 1 deal below), and, at just $19.95, monthly access is cheaper than most email access plans offered by cell phone carriers. Oh yeah and there are no contracts, ever. For some, the Peek will be a great option for keeping up with email on the go. Having never had mobile email access, I’ve found the Peek to be quite a gateway drug – I’m not sure that I would be able to quit without at least six months of support group meetings. Sometimes less is more and, for me, I find the Peek’s elegance and approachability a refreshing change from devices that offer a slew of bells and whistles that I find completely superfluous.

blueanglev1b_cmykPerhaps even better, the Peek offers a great way to share mobile email with a loved one who might be a little less than tech savvy. I hate to sound stereotypical, but I can see wives, girlfriends (hopefully not both), or parents loving the gift of a Peek. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use. Should you require any assistance, Peek’s tech support not only answers within seconds (I timed it), but they are courteous and “not-outsourced to the other side of the planet.” The Peek is generating a lot of positive buzz and for good reason. Understand what it is (and what it’s not) and you’ll be ready to join the ranks of Peekophiles everywhere. I should add that Gear Patrol does not condone the use of mobile email or text messaging whilst at the wheel. Well… maybe at red lights.

Cost: 1 Peek or 2 Peeks | More Information