Officially Licensed By Disney, No Joke

Bloc 28


When a friend initially mentioned this brand to me, I laughed.  The idea of wearing a licensed Disney tee featuring their classic characters as depicted by renowned graffiti artists sounded like a lost Chapelle show skit.

Sure, anything is possible, but a union between the world’s last bastion of sheltered family fun and block-attuned hip-hop artists stretched all limits of plausibility. Furthermore, even if such an alternate reality was out there, childless adult males just don’t make fashion statements via the Magic Kingdom. That is, unless being voted off the island of dating life is their goal (as Patrick learned after attempting to sport his Mouseketeer uni up in the club).

bloc-28-mickey-bikeSeeing the actual shirts, though, changed my mind. For some reason, each piece’s schizoid mash-up of childhood nostalgia and uncut street mesh surprisingly well, and, in many ways, the synthesis epitomizes the snark that started the graphic tee trend in the first place.

Certainly, it’s all a matter of personal taste, but wearing these tees during recent social gathering has garnered more than a few positive comments.  Perhaps it’s because everyone wants to be a kid again in some ways.  Or maybe the notion of good ole’ Mickey caught tagging with gold chains on his neck is just too much sacrilege to go ignored.

Seriously though, who new Mickey could look so gangster?  Old Walt is undoubtedly rolling over in his cryogenic chamber.

Cost: $30-$49

Photos of Bloc 28’s electric guitar, hat, and chain wallet on the next page.

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