The G-Wagon turns 30 and gets a ridiculous price tag. I still want one.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen EDITION30

g-wagen-edition30-fording-2People who buy Mercedes Geländewagens are often (for the worse) categorized as soccer moms or as guys who don’t care about money. There are a select few, though, that buy them for the reasons G-Wagens were originally conceived: quality off-road vehicles intended for the military (see: Land Rover Defender).

The profile of the G-Wagen is unmistakable here in the United States (thanks to music videos, not history books), but for what it’s worth I’d like to say that I’ve driven G-Wagens (a 1989 faded red G-Wagen with a 1.8 liter stump-pulling diesel engine) in Europe and the experience has always been outstanding. Sure, there are those that drive them for the sake of style, but there are still many that drive G-Wagens for their ability to serve as functional SUV’s and off-road people carriers. Notably, the G-Wagen has hardly changed in the 30 years it’s been on the road (and off), but Mercedes-Benz (with it’s seemingly infinite marketing budget) has released special editions of the rolling brick, aptly named the EDITION30 and EDITION30.PUR.

The one I find intriguing is the EDITION30.PUR, a beige 224 horsepower (398 lb ft torque) diesel beast equipped with off-road tires, headlamp guards, front tow lug, walk-on engine hood, rubbermade-like flexible wheel arches, and a flat roof rack perfect for sleeping on. The interior is spartan (at best) with a wash-down interior (something about shooting a hose into the interior of your car brings smiles to mind), wood floor cargo area, and auxiliary heater… a vehicle fit for Bear Grylls or Les Stroud.

Men seeking to change their surname to “Timberlake” can opt for the more upscale EDITION30 with a 507 horsepower (516 lb foot torque) hand-built AMG V8 engine and swaths of luxury items that I find no interest in.

Both editions will be available mid-February at a price of $75,000 for the EDITION30.PUR and $122,000 for the EDITION30. That doesn’t include the price of being a resident of the European Union. Yeah, nuts.

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