PBS Brings The Funny

Make ‘Em Laugh: The Funny Business Of America

make-em-laughMake ‘Em Laugh is a DVD set from PBS (yes, PBS) that explores the work of America’s great comics. Billy Crystal hosts this 6 hour romp through America’s fascination with comedy and how it has managed to not only define parts of our country, but constantly break molds.

Originally spanning 6 episodes on PBS, the mini-series explores everything from jerk/oddball comedy, slapstick comedy, to parody humor across 90 various comedians. Sure, a few have been left out (where is David Letterman?), but its amazing to see how much of our lives have been influenced by single solitary punchlines.

In a time where humor is anything but abundant, a few jocose hours can be the perfect remedy for a dour mood.

A video of PBS’s teaser trailer below. For those of you know about Jim Lehrer (and his ultra deadpan-ness), it’s a good laugh.

Cost: $25