The Kuro of coal.

Sort of Coal – Kuro Cube

sort-of-coal-kuro-cube1After a week’s worth of take-out and deliver foods, your fridge is probably full of leftover chinese, cold pizza, and stale fries. Needless to say, that combination doesn’t smell pleasant. If you think a box of baking soda is all you need to remedy your malodorous condition, think again. Or rather, head to the kitchen, open your fridge, and take a big whiff. If the smell hasn’t knocked you out, congratulations, you’re doing pretty good. For the rest of you, we have a solution. How about a lump of coal?

sort-of-coal-kuro-cube-backDanish company Sort of Coal produces a range of charcoal products, utilizing the purifying power of white charcoal. They have many applications, including purifying water and air, as well as absorbing humidity and odors. One such product is the Kuro Cube. This small cube is made from compressed white charcoal powder, and when placed inside the fridge, absorbs any unpleasant odors. In addition to odor control, the Kuro Cube also absorbs humidity which helps to keep food fresh for longer periods. Each cube can last several years and once it’s finished soaking up all those bad smells, you can smash it up and use it as compost. Alternatively, it makes for a great stocking stuffer.

Cost: $30 @ Merchant No.4