Best Idea Wins Some Gear

Question: How Are You Saving Money?


UPDATE: The best idea will receive a Bosca Black Nappa Leather Card Case ($60). A much better way to carry those business cards of yours, just don’t go all American Psycho on us.

It’s no secret that people are paring down the buying and ratcheting up the saving. Luxury and egregious consumerism are fast becoming taboo, if not already. Suddenly, it’s the wise shopper’s time to shine.

But it’s about more than just spending less… it’s about saving more. Until recently, American’s (on average) saved an appalling 0% of their income. That figure has climbed to 3% during the recent downturn, yet still looks paltry compared to European’s who save 15% or the Japanese who save a wallet-numbing 30%. So, here’s Gear Patrol’s question to you: How are you saving money in this economy?

No matter how trivial or insane, we want to know how you’re stowing the cash. Bank savings? Bonds? Gold bullion? No more iPods? Piggy banks? Let us and other GP readers know in the comments below. We’ll choose the best recommendation for an upcoming article.

Oh, not that it really matters, but the best comment will get a random pick out of our gear review closet (chock full of some pretty awesome stuff). You know, to help you save more money.