Athletic Gear Exactly the Way You Want It



While we all appreciate having the best athletic gear, few things bum a man out more than showing up on the playing field and seeing three other guys wearing the exact same product in the exact same color. The updated NIKEiD aims to change that.

From shirts to bags and, of course, shoes, NikeiD gives you complete control over how your gear looks. With a sleek interface and the ability to save all your designs in an online locker, you’ll have no problem creating an athletic wardrobe that’s all your own. It’s about time.

As you can see, we’ve taken the liberty of customizing our own shoe in the flagship Gear Patrol colors. Not too shabby…


Cost: Varies

Gift Idea Give NIKEiD gift cards to your buddies to avoid the embarrassment of showing up all dressed the same at your next flag football game. It also works for holidays.

nikeid-gearpatrol-shoeYou can also create custom wallpapers of your creation, which we’ve done here. Click on the thumbnail to the right and grab a hold of a wallpaper – our shoe in Gear Patrol colors (1280×1024).