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Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion by Alan Flusser

dressing-the-manIn Alan Flusser’s book Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion, Flusser has used his vast knowledge to create a book explaining everything a man should know in order to look his best. Flusser is not as concerned with fashion, as he says that it changes changes every season. Instead the focus is on style, which should be ever-present. What’s the difference? Style is George Clooney on the Red Carpet. Fashion is the ‘skinny tie’ with a narrow lapel.

Don’t get me wrong. Fashion is great, and I’m constantly changing some of my looks too, but knowing what will always have you looking your best is important when money is tight. Dressing the Man is one of the most comprehensive books I’ve seen when it comes to style and dressing basics. When these principles are followed, you can’t go wrong.

Flusser even goes into detail describing body types and what clothing looks best on every type. Have you ever wondered if that particular collar would look good on you? Maybe you aren’t sure how much cuff to show. What about shoes: brown or black? Flusser answers those questions and more in Dressing the Man. He gives you examples of what to have in your closet when fashion is always changing and you need a look that is permanently dapper.

My favorite part: large, color pullouts with examples of shirts and suits appropriate for all four seasons. I love to refer back to them periodically to ensure that I’m not missing an essential piece to my wardrobe. Although the book is rather large, I highly recommend it for any man’s bookshelf or coffee table.

Cost: $33