iPod Shuffle With VoiceOver

ipod-shuffle-voiceover-blackSomewhere in between tiny and miniscule resides something known as the iPod Shuffle. The 2nd generation iPod Shuffle has been around for a couple years now, and today Apple’s unveiled the new 4GB iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver.

What’s VoiceOver you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. The iPod shuffle has no screen on it, so there’s little it can do to inform you of what you’re listening to outside of playing “name that song,” whether you want to or not. The new Shuffle with VoiceOver will speak the name of song title, artist, and playlist. My latest creation: “1000 best songs of the 80’s” will be first to bat, which coincidentally is also the number of songs the iPod Shuffle with Voiceover will hold. Oh, and for you non-English speaking GP readers, the iPod Shuffle is fluent in 14 different languages.

Continuing Apple’s love affair with aluminum, the iPod Shuffle comes in an engrave-able silver or black aluminium case (measuring 1.8″ tall x 0.3″ thick) with stainless steel clip. Its controlled entirely through an inline remote in the headphones so you’re relegated to using the included Apple Headphones with Remote (also new).

ipod-shuffle-voiceover-engraving1Editors Note: I have a 2nd gen orange iPod Shuffle. I got it for the sole purpose of commuting. Since I replaced my old Palm Treo (not so coincidentally, also orange) with an iPhone, it hasn’t been used much. Those of you without an mp3 playing phone will find the Shuffle to be a pretty awesome addition to your commuter life. If you’ve got a properly organized library you’ll find the algorithms Apple uses to determine your “next song” to be most often good choices. Not sure how it works, but it works.

Alternative Viewpoint: The team at Crave make a good point that the new iPod Shuffle looks like a suppository. Oddly true.

Cost: $79