Priced So Low, There's No Need to Tighten the One you Have On.

American Apparel Barrel O’Belts

american-apparel-barrel-of-beltsRibbon belts may not currently be part of your style, but with spring around the corner, we’d strongly suggest giving them a chance.

While leather belts will always be the conservative bet in a clutch, heavy metal buckles and heat absorbing hide aren’t exactly ideal when the thermostat peaks, let alone when impromptu football games ensue. Plus, nothing adds pop to a warm weather attire like contrasting color around the waist.

Priced at $19 for a selection of 3 colors, this Barrel O’Belts also eliminates any rebuttals you might have about wasting money. We’ll always be in your corner for refusing to drop $25 on one simple strip of colored polyester, but getting 3 for less than $20 is a steal.

As a bonus and unlike with other brands, buying from American Apparel means what little cash you do spend goes to supporting a slew of worthy causes like workers’ rights. Their belts are also made in America, and in these times that’s an incredible thing.

Cost: $19