When it comes to customization, Taylormade gives you the shaft.

Taylormade R9 Driver Review


I have long envied tour players, what with their golf clubs fitted down to the n’th degree. You see, we mere mortal men may buy the same clubs, but they bear little resemblance to what you see used on tour each week. It hardly seems fair that just because they’re better golfers, pros should get all the special attention. So when Taylormade Golf announced that they were integrating their Movable Weight Technology with a shaft that would allow you to control face angle, loft, and lie (they call it Flight Control Technology), I was thrilled. Best of all, for the traditionalists out there, the new Taylormade R9 features a classic head shape that doesn’t resemble a snow shovel.

I want to make one distinction between the R9 and others you may be inclined to lump it in with it. The shaft on the R9 allows you to customize your set up position. It is not meant to be an interchangeable system like the ones that Callaway and some other manufactures (yes, you too Taylormade) have tried to pitch us. That’s just not a solution that the average golfer is ever going to be able to effectively use (or afford, for that matter). It’s a waste of your hard earned money… but I won’t digress any further.

The point is, this is one shaft with four separate set up positions. Why is that important? Because golf is ridiculously specific to individuals and we all need something different. And since we can’t walk over to the tour van and have their tech hook us up with something specific to our very own body/swing/stance, we need the manufacturer to lend a hand. Bravo Taylormade, bravo.

r9_technologyI spent a few afternoons belting balls with this club and came back immediately impressed with how easily the ball carried. Even GP Editor, Eric managed to finally out distance the ladies’ tees. Oh, and it doesn’t sound like an empty tuna can (read: square drivers). I prefer not to work the ball off the tee (too much risk), but that doesn’t mean hitting it straight is always easy for me either. A few quick adjustments later, and the club helped me set up in a comfortable and confident address position. The rest was history.


In case you’re wondering how TaylorMade managed to make a club with 24 different, user-changeable set-ups, we dispatched our own Dusty Overby to explain via video (err… in one take).

Dusty, take it away:

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Cost: $399

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