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Quantum of Solace (Win This!)

quantum-of-solace-giveawayCasino Royale was a hard movie to beat: free running, gambling, and Eva Green. Quantum of Solace, (even with Olga Kurylenko as a Bond girl) managed to be entertaining, if not somewhat convoluted, but it’s still definitely a fine addition to any man’s high definition home theater collection.

The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio encoding included on the Blu-ray copy is incredible and easily meets reference grade standards, so you can count on us mentioning it in the future while testing audio equipment. Video is also outstanding and we would argue in someways actually better than the in theater experience, but that’s just us.

In terms of extras, the Blu-ray edition comes packed with multiple, light, but worth a viewing features including:

  • Bond on location
  • Start of Shooting
  • The Music
  • Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase (Our obvious favorite)
  • Director Marc Forster
  • Crew Files
  • Another Way to Die, Music video with Jack White and Alicia Keys (Also quite good)
  • Theatrical Trailers in HD

So in fine Gear Patrol tradition, we’ve got an advance copy and we’re going offer a giveaway to one of you lot. There’s no need to dive into any further details about the movie. You’ve got IMDB for that, but we did embed one of the best moments from the movie – when Bond steals a motorcycle (below).

Cost: Blu-Ray ($26) | DVD ($17)

How To Win Quantum of Solace:

Leave a comment below about your favorite Bond Girl. Yeap, that’s it. Here’s a comprehensive list of them. We’ll choose a winner next Tuesday afternoon (Martini not included).