Like that utility belt you always wanted, but for poop

DadGear Diaper Vest


Apparently, this is the time of year when the weather just goes crazy.  It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s raining – who can know what’s coming next? Amidst this tumult, there will be a few serendipitous days of perfect spring weather in which to revel. That’s when I go digging for my long-standing spring/fall getup, the fleece vest.

So I’m not exactly a maven of style; when forced to choose, I’ll generally go with function over form (I can hear Torrey groaning at me from across town). It’s for that reason that I love to the good ole fleece vest. There’s nothing quite like it for bridging the gap between seasons by letting me shed my sleeves early. I suppose the chaps at DadGear must feel the same, since they decided to cross-breed the classic fleece vest with their man-approved diaper bags. The result is the Diaper Vest, which can get you off the hook from carrying around a bag at all.

dad-gear-diaper-vest-featuresThe key to making the Diaper Vest work is the placement and provisioning of its pockets. Aside from those you see on the outside (which are pretty standard vest fare), the Diaper Vest hides two large, inner pockets that are perfect for stowing diapers and wipes. The vest is cut slim, yet through some magical design the pockets don’t seem to bulge when moderately loaded. There are fold-flat bottle pockets, should you require such, as well. However, my favorite thing about the Diaper Vest is the included changing pad that stows in a flat pocket against your lower back. It’s perfect for the Purel crowd.

Personally, I love taking my kids along on errands or jaunts about town. What I do not love is hauling a lot of crap to make it possible. The Diaper Vest is an easy way to stay prepared for any contingency. That, and it’s offered in the Gear Patrol color scheme. A very thoughtful gesture by the folks at Dad Gear. Should you live in colder climes, they’ve just released a full-sleeved fleece jacket version, as well.

Cost: $82

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