Grown-up Cereal for the Boy at Heart

[me] & goji Custom Artisanal Cereal


Since I was a kid, cereal has occupied its own place atop my food pyramid. I recall countless after-school cereal feeds with friends in front of the TV. We’d mix two or three different kinds in a heaping bowl with milk that would, if proportioned right, leave a syrupy-sweet draught of sugar-laced milk to drink at the end.

Well, I’m all grown up now (yeah, right), but cereal is still a staple and definitely not just for breakfast. I’ve graduated to healthier offerings than the Choco-Bombs from days of yore, but I still like to mix things up a bit. So I was thrilled to come across [me] & goji’s custom cereals.  What they offer is a cereal-lovers dream. A few clicks on their website assembling your custom mix of flakes, fruits, and nuts (and some other goodies) and your one-of-a kind blend arrives at your doorstep in days.

[me] & goji is a small company formed by some college chums who were looking to build the perfect cereals while keeping things healthy. Their website is easy to get around and gives you information on all the ingredients they offer, building a nutrition profile on the fly as you add or subtract items to your mix. You can even give your blend a name, which gets stored on their site and printed on the package that gets mailed to you. Mine was called “Gear Patrol Goodness.” They offer a myriad of ingredients from the exotic (Tibetan goji berries, anyone?) to the familiar (corn flakes). Be as crazy as you want, no one is watching.


Once you place your order, the elves at [me] & goji go to work, hand mixing and packaging it. Delivery for mine took only three days from order to arrival. Your blend comes in a very cool tube, or “cereal capsule,” as they call it. According to a handwritten note on the tube, “Adam’s Mom” mixed mine, God bless her.

One word of caution: keep an eye on the price as you build your mix. My giddy clicking rang up a $22 tube of cereal. Admittedly it was a bit of an extravagance, but it was in the name of giving GP readers a proper and thorough review. More prudent men can easily get a nice blend for half of that and the tube is quite a bit larger than the average cereal box (almost twice as many servings).

Now if we can just bring back those After School Specials.

Price: Varies