Vintage Soles With Modern Soul

PF Flyers: Fly Style High Tops


Sometime after being developed by BF Goodrich in 1933 and after helping Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez escape the Beast in The Sandlot, PF Flyers reinvented themselves. Branching out from their functional roots, the company has aggressively sought to revamp the line to fall more in step with modern day street wear. Characterized by simple construction and complementary color pallets, PF Flyers combine style, comfort, and durability, into one complete shoe.


Their secret is based around the company’s name sake, the original Posture Foundation (PF) sole. Besides justifying claims of “vintage” or “retro” that those into fashion cliché crave, a more practical benefit of PF’s legacy sole is that every shoe has the comfort of a classic sneaker. So, if your more adventurous nights out of the town get a little out of hand, sporting these always gives you the option to make like “The Jet” and run the hell outta dodge.

Vintage shoe fiends can rest easy knowing that the classic Cousy Hi (named after their original spokes person the Bob Cousy) and Center Hi are exactly the same as their original counterparts. We certainly don’t think that’s a bad thing.


Personally though, outside of the standbys, my favorite model hands down is the Perrin Mid-Top in Aniline leather and Italian waxed canvas (pictured right). As the perfect bridge between dress shoe and sneaker, these clean cut marvels can handle anything a city dweller can dish out. Plus, wearing them on weekends is an easy way to distinguish yourself from the army of other guys in jeans with Chuck Taylor’s (no offense to another classic).

To take a gander at their full line currently available for purchase, head on over to their website, Unfortunately though, to snag a pair you’ll have to look at other sites for vendors. Links to buy the shoes pictured, however, can be found below.

Cost: Perrin Mid-Top ($119), Center Hi ($50), Glide Sneaker ($22-$82)