Compact Size. Compact Price. Big Sound.

Yamaha NX-A01 Compact Cube Speaker

yamaha-nx-a01-compact-cube-speaker1Where do you listen to your music? We here at GP are all about quality sound systems but we also recognize that every occasion may not be the right one for a six-piece, $6,000 sound system. If you find yourself moving around frequently and want a speaker that’s compact but still kicks out room-filling sound, look no further than the Yamaha NX-A01.

yamaha-nx-a01-compact-cube-speaker-2After testing the NX-A01 extensively for over a year, I can attest to its ability to deliver high-quality sound, and so so with gusto. I’ve brought it with me across the Caribbean and Asia and have found that its particularly useful for hotel rooms, since they rarely provide you with speakers to plug your iPod into. From personal experience, a pre-party without your favorite hip-hop playlist to set the tone is no pre-party at all. With the NX-A01 at the ready, you’ll never be in that predicament again.

Also: Check out the NX-A01 in black too.

Cost: $60