Please Shave Responsibly

John Allan’s Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution

john-allans-slickwater-pre-shave-solution1Something magical happened to me this morning. My face actually felt fantastic. It seemed to me the texture of a baby’s arse… nary a single trace of irritation. After 10 years of battling a tough beard, razor burn, nicks, and in-grown hairs,John Allan’s Slickwater has accomplished something that few other solutions (I’ve tried my fair share) have: to remove the anxiety and tribulations caused by constant shaving.

John Allan’s Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution, at its essence, allows the razor to glide easily over my skin, not only preventing problems before they begin but also prolonging the life of my overpriced Mach 3 blades. John Allan’s remedy provides a slick (obviously) surface in addition to a layer of protection. Better yet, there’s no oily residue leftover, something I’ve found problematic with other pre-shave formulas . There’s also a hint of tea tree oil leaves to unclog your pores and keep your skin fragrance free (something I appreciate).

It’s said that Australian aborigines used tea tree leaves for healing cuts, burns, and infections by crushing the leaves and applying them to the affected area. Whether that’s true or not is something I’ll leave to the scientists and Wikipedia surfers, but what I can tell you is that on my face, it proved to be absolutely fantastic.

How it works: Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution improves your shave experience by lifting follicles for a closer shave. This provides all the benefits of an anti-irritant, while removing dead skin cells with each stroke of the blade. The natural emollients have a moisturizing and anti-aging effect, going beyond the surface to heal and soothe. The use of oats in folklore has stood the test of time and John Allan has proven its relevance in modern society by creating products that yield excellent results. The cucumber extract found in this formula contains minerals and amino acids, which help tighten the skin and get you that Joan Rivers look you’ve been hoping for.

Editor’s Note: Simply put, my skin is calmer and appears healthier than with any of my previous shave regimens. Do yourself a favor and invest in a bottle and let other GP readers know what you think. I’m betting you’re going to rave about it. Slickwater is a must have for the man who dreads patchy irritation, or perhaps more important, whose lady complains that “your scruff is sanding my face,” as mine does. When she can’t keep her hands and lips off your baby-ass smooth face, you’ll wonder why Benjamin Franklin didn’t formulate Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution years ago.

Cost: $28