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For some reason that I fail to grasp, I burn through dress socks faster than any man I know. Whether it’s the 2+ miles I walk every day or some freak-of-nature method in which I put my socks on, I still manage to rip, tear, or downright destroy most of my socks. Sometimes my foot-sheaths last me at least half a year, but typically their lifespan is just a few months in real Yang world conditions. No, I don’t rotate three pairs at a time – actually, I counted 27 pairs of dress and 10 pairs of athletics in my drawer. WTF?

Before you give me grief for being overly dramatic about my sock genocide, let me assure you I have tested out my fair share of socks on my quest to find the best. So far, the Gold Toe English Ribbed Socks that my fellow GP’er Patrick recommended have proven to be a hardy option. But I’m not one to be satisfied with gear status quo. After all, I do write for Gear Patrol so the relentless pursuit of better stuff(s) is in my blood.

blacksocks-sockscription-mileThe Europeans have been enjoying a service called “sockscription” by Blacksocks for a decade now. With a million socks sold, they must be onto something. Here’s how the service works: for an annual fee of $89, you’ll receive three pairs of high-quality socks (very high-quality), every four months, for a total of 9 pairs. At a little less than $10 a pair, it isn’t exactly bargain basement, but what it does do is get you this:

Your choices are calf socks (tested), knee socks (tested), athletic socks (tested), ski socks (not tested), or cashmere silk socks (not tested). These aren’t just any plain ole’ pair of socks you purchase at your favorite department store, though. They’re woven in Northern Italy with Oekotex dyed Peruvian Pima cotton that was cultivated in the foothills of the Andes Mountains (evidently, the more compact the yarn, the more resistant to chafing the fabric once woven). The fibers that make the warn are prewashed for 20 cycles to ensure color retention.

Editor’s Note: I’ve had these socks for a while now and how they’ll last over the next 6 months remains to be seen, but I can attest that they’re supremely comfortable and durable. Actually, I’ve got a pair of Blacksocks Calf Socks on as I write this.

Cost: $89 (per year)